Saturday, 16 October 2010

The plan

My writing group brunches, which I value highly, have unfortunately been a little infrequent this year. But we had one today, and as usual we spent some delightful hours around a large table with much coffee and eggs and wine. The topics ranged widely, never too far from some writing theme, and included the impending WriMoFoFo, a proposed novel crit sub-group (with rules), the merit of trilogies versus stand-alone fantasy novels... and what everybody plans to do next.

For me, the answer to the last was easy: finish the re-write. Then what? they asked. After a moment's thought, I had the answer: Ask for volunteers to read and provide feedback, as much or as little as they want. And then, bless them, they all put up their hands and volunteered. When I'm done, hopefully early in the new year, the manuscript gets circulated and we have one mega Ellen crit session. (yikes) So that's the plan.

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