Monday, 4 October 2010

Spectrum of gold

I can't help thinking, as I once again succumb to the lure of the Commonwealth Games on TV, that not all gold medals are equal. Not exactly.

Something like 5 gold medals were decided in the pool tonight, and -- the Delhi 'relaxed' approach aside -- over in a flash. Contrast this with the Aussie Diamonds (our netball team), where a team of 12 plays a total of seven complete matches (five pool games, a semi and a final) in order to win a single medal (or so we hope!). Somehow it doesn't quite seem fair.

I'd say these two sports, along with others such as track&field and hockey, fall at either end of the spectrum, with others still falling somewhere in between. I'm not exactly sure what it's a spectrum of though -- it's not really fair to say 'effort', since I'm sure all these athletes train incredibly hard. Maybe 'human hours' per medal? By my reckoning, the netballers commit more than 80 'human match hours' per medal, counting the bench players, who have to sit there, right?

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