Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bitterly cold in Brugge

En route between London and Bonn, we have stopped in Brussels for a couple of nights, mainly to facilitate a day-visit to the quaint and highly acclaimed town of Bruges/Brugge. We caught a fast train there this morning, once again bitterly cold with sunny patches, and were delighted by this medieval town threaded by partially iced-over canals (see picture above!), home to glorious white swans, multiple chocolatiers and lace shops, and reportedly the host of a Christmas market worth travelling to from London for a long weekend.

Brugge is a town to explore on foot, and many have asserted that a day rambling the gorgeous cobbled streets is all that is needed to have 'done Brugge'. This I can well imagine, for every little street is a temptation . . . and even as the temperature hovered at around zero degrees, I felt the lure of this town.

However, I have to admit I'm a little over the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing for the past three weeks. No matter how many layers I pile on, I can't seem to shake the bitter slash of cold on cheeks, the icy penetration of cold into fingers and toes, the shudder of frost through my jeans. This sadly hampers the best-laid plans of the intrepid traveller. For when it's literally FREEZING, the lure of cafes and museums starts to put gorgeous cobbled lanes, canals and Christmas markets into the shade.

The highlight of our visit today, therefore, was an authentic Belgian hot chocolate accompanied by home-made Belgian waffle with hot chocolate sauce at The Old Chocolate House. This is a cosy first floor tea room above a chocolate shop, where the hot chocolate comes as solid choc buttons in a chocolate cup with a bowl of hot milk (into which you stir the buttons). Gorgeous.

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  1. And I bet it was delicious too. The photos are great. Wish I was there. (I have a ginger bread house standing right under my nose ... would go well with some hot choc, I imagine.)

    Sorry to hear that you're over the cold. I know what you mean. You feel like you're just walking from one cafe to the next.