Sunday, 5 December 2010

Travelwriting update

I have been travelling for over six weeks now, and have had some pleasing success on the fiction writing front. During the France and Spain segments of the trip, I managed to utilise just about every train or bus journey longer than a couple of hours to progress my novel rewrite. In the end, I managed to write several thousand words (which is rather more than I managed to write in the weeks/months leading up to going away). This happened to coincide with my writing group busily undertaking a WriMoFoFo (write more for four weeks), so I suppose you could say I took part in spirit.

I'm really happy with this outcome -- I hoped rather than expected to be able to write in such an environment, and although it required some discipline not to just sit back and read a book, it turned out to be relatively easy once the WIP was open in front of me. Everyone in my travel group became quite accustomed to seeing me with baby computer open on my lap, clacking away (or staring into space, thinking). Unfortunately, progress has been slower (or, more accurately, non-existent) since arriving in the UK, and I'm going to have to turn this around very soon!

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