Sunday, 9 January 2011


Step one in my mission to take control of my life in 2011 was to quit my job. This happened on Friday.

Over the years I've been blogging here, I've made a concerted effort not to blog about work for the most part, since I've not wanted to compromise myself professionally. This is still largely true; but I will say that management changes, leading to a dramatic shift in culture, made the workplace unbearable and led to my resignation from a job I've held (and for the most part enjoyed) for 10 years.

Despite my conviction that I need to get out, I found the process difficult. For one thing, I am not all that comfortable with change, and this has manifested over the years as a dogged perseverence and unwillingness to quit. (Without this, at least two of my three degrees would never have been completed.) Neither do I relish confrontation or the knowledge that I'm leaving the company in a tight situation. And then there is the very real fact that I don't have an alternative job lined up just yet . . .

The unfortunate truth, however, is that my job became so unbearable that none of these factors weigh with me anymore. Leaving now, as soon as possible, is the only option.

So I have a choice. One option is to seek a new position in which I can take my career in technology communications to the next level, likely involving a level of responsibility and intensity. Or I can decide to downscale that career in favour of fiction writing. It's a tough choice for me, because I have demonstrated expertise (and fairly good salary expectations) in the former, and nothing but a nearly completed unpublished manuscript in the latter.

I have always believed in heeding heart before head, and that will remain my credo. As I commence the dire task of updating resume and exploring job options, I can only hope that everything will fall into place and the 'right' job -- one that's not too demanding, not too mind-numbing -- will manifest and my heart will tell me what to do. Because I now have the opportunity for a change in direction, to shift fiction writing a little more into the spotlight, if I can be brave enough to seize it.

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  1. Good on you for making the brave move. It really is the smartest thing to do.

    Good luck in making the right choice for YOUR future! All the very best, and I look forward to the updates and how it is all going.

    My best wishes are with you, as I believe we should all have the freedom to follow our own heart, rather than society's expectations!

    All the very best. A