Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fireworks at midnight

The first fireworks this evening were released at about 8pm -- maybe a trial run, or maybe for the enjoyment of children who wouldn't be staying up until midnight. Ever since then, the night air has periodically cracked and popped with light and thunder. We've been sitting inside in the warmth, drinking gluhwein and baileys, chatting casually on our last night together in Germany. Soaking up the atmosphere.

At about 10 minutes until midnight, we suited and booted to face the snow and cold outside. The fireworks had increased in intensity, and the dilemma was whether to go out the back door, or the front. Such was the activity that we thought mabe our clocks were all slow . . .

But then (as midnight obviously ticked over) the night errupted with colour and sound. The atmosphere was electric, as dozens of parties let off many dozens of fireworks -- some on the street in front of us. Fuses hissed and the air sang as tiny rockets soared. Everywhere you looked, more colour shot into the sky, or rained like glitter. Smoke and sulphur hazed the street, and it was impossible to look away. For at least 20 minutes it sounded like a war zone with unending gunfire.

Amazing night. Even now, more than half as hour later, the crack and thunder continues sporadically like the tailings in a pot of popcorn. Happy New Year to all.

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