Monday, 31 January 2011

A good start to 'year of the writer'

January has turned out to be a good month on the writing front. Once I got back into the groove after travelling, I have managed to write for at least a couple of hours on most days, spurred on by my pre-work stints in the 'Cafenatics on Church' cafe in the CBD. And now I have just spent a four-day weekend down at Phillip Island to further immerse myself.

The best bit is that progress is being made. . . Towards the end of the novel. . . The climax is fast approaching. If I carry on at my current rate of application, I'm in with a strong chance of achieving my goal of a completed draft by the end of February.

This is exactly how I wanted to start 2011, which is to be known by me as the 'year of the writer'. Bring on February and the challenge of meeting my first self-imposed deadline!

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