Friday, 15 April 2011

Amiably ambling

I've been a bit quiet on this blog of late. My life has settled into an amiable amble, whereby I sleep-in until after 9am, peruse emails/social media/blogs, write (sometimes in the pub), do a Wii yoga workout, waltz down the street for a coffee or groceries . . . maybe, occasionally, skim the SEEK emails to see if there are any interesting jobs (which I invariably shortlist and don't get around to applying for). This 'not working' malarky is very enjoyable.

It's been fabulous having all this time to write without pressure. I've been productive on most days, but it hasn't mattered when other fun stuff crops up instead. Of course it can't last, and I'll have to go back to being more efficient, to fitting writing in around all the essential stuff (i.e. work), but I think it's been important to rediscover the love and the habit after an indifferent period. It's also given me the opportunity to read more widely about the industry, and I've started a new blog over on Wordpress that is more specifically focused on writing and related topics.

This week I finished the major rewrite of my novel, a milestone worth mentioning here. I've printed the draft out and intend on toddling off to Officeworks tomorrow to get it comb-bound so I can then scrawl all over it with red pen and yellow highlighters. I'll also be sending it to selected readers for some feedback -- an exciting and daunting step. After that, editing!

And after that? Who knows . . .

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