Friday, 29 April 2011

Pomp And Ceremony - The Royal Wedding

Media is very powerful. I don't think I was particularly fussed by the notion that a Royal Wedding was imminent... not until this week when the media went into overdrive. Suddenly the Royal Wedding became a Major Event. For about five days, William & Kate have been the subjects of documentaries, mockumentaries and even a telemovie. And if not W&K, then it was about the Royals in general. Heavens, if I didn't watch The Wedding, what would I be missing out on?

So I've watched the wedding tonight. I didn't need to, of course. I've seen nothing that a half-hour wrap-up wouldn't have covered. Women's outfits seem to have been of major interest. And of course Kate's Wedding  Dress. Other than that, a lot of cars driving past, and crowds massing along the processional route and filing into Westminster Abbey.

I wouldn't have missed anything much, except... except...

... Pomp And Ceremony. Oh my goodness, does anyone do it as well as the British? We have had trumpets, and marching bands, and processions, and slow marches, and crimson-lined antique horse-drawn coaches, and mounted escorts, and roaring aircraft flypasts (loved the Lancaster!) ... and bells. Three hours of wondrous bells. It's all made me quite emotional.

Kate looks lovely in a Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen dress. I particularly like the way it's fitted (but not tight) at the waist and then flares out in almost medieval style. William looks very handsome and regal also -- neat and elegant in his Irish Guards dress uniform.

Sure, the highlights package will show the fashions and the key Memorable Moments, but I think the only way to fully appreciate the full majesty of the event is to immerse yourself in it, feel it unfold around you. I have no idea why this feels like a worthwhile experience, why spending SIX HOURS glued to the television is a good use of time. (Heavens, six hours!?) But somehow it does (mostly).


  1. alan.eames@gmail.comMonday, 02 May, 2011

    six hours... so did we.. would not have n missed a minute.
    Richard is enamoured of the maid of honour.

  2. I managed to get away after just 3 hours, but i did enjoy those 3 immensely!

  3. We only watched an hour or so. Then we had to make our own procession up to the farm. However, I would have LOVED to have watched for 6 hours.

  4. for me it was a hypnotic experience... time evaporated

  5. I was busy so only saw glimpses -- yes, it's strange how compelling these events can be. There are pictures of Kate that I've seen where she looks rather like Princess Mary...