Sunday, 8 May 2011

Grooving to Jeff Martin's 777

Every now and again I do something a little bit different. Different for me, that is. (I mean, tens of thousands of Melburnians attend rock gigs every year at the Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda. They groove to the support acts while tossing back a few drinks; many probably have a pre-gig pizza at Topolino's on Fitzroy Street.)

Well, I don't get out much these days. Usually. But I did on Friday night, when I went to the Jeff Martin's 777 gig at the aforementioned Prince of Wales hotel.

Back in the1990s I was a bit of a fan of Martin's former band, The Tea Party, and I still rate The Edges of Twilight (1995) as one of my all time favourite albums. These days I'm out of the loop when it comes to contemporary music, and that includes Martin's exploits post The Tea Party; but when I heard friends were going to this gig in nearby St Kilda I decided it was time to reacquaint myself with his music.

What an awesome night. The main act didn't start until after 11pm, thereby transporting me back to my 20s when late nights out were almost normal. We caught the latter few songs of the second support act (a rocking band called The Eternal) and then after a break Jeff Martin's 777 came out and played a lengthy set of tracks until about 1:00am. (Back in the day I wouldn't have blinked at the hour; this time I was grateful I had an afternoon nap beforehand.)

The main focus was a new album, The Ground Cries Out, launched in March this year; plus there were older tracks as well. I recognised only a few, but that didn't matter. The big sound, the amazing vocals, and that indescribable extra something, made it a memorable concert. (Actually, Jason described it very well; see his thoughts here!) It was fantastic to get out and once again experience those powerful chest vibrations that are live music. And a real treat to see this great band.


  1. Twas a rockin' night. Big Day Out next? ;)

  2. Hmm - never got an alert for this comment - sorry! Blogger is not having a good week...

    I have never been to a Big Day Out believe it or not . . . could be an option!