Saturday, 18 June 2011

Walking with Jeddah

While Jeddah has been staying with me, he's been dragging me out on daily walks -- which has been very good for me! There are a few different walks we've been doing, depending on time, weather and my inclination.

The moment I've finished breakfast, Jeddah props in the middle of the floor, looking very expectant. He's fairly patient while I clean my teeth, but follows me around the house. When I grab my shoes and socks, he jumps up and down with excitement. He avidly watches me gather stuff -- phone, wallet, keys -- until I pick up his lead and then he goes mad. Leaps, cavorts, whimpers, barks, all while I'm trying to get his lead on. It never fails to make me laugh, to the point that sometimes my efforts to clip the lead to his collar are ineffectual. Then I open the door and he burns down the driveway as though he hasn't been on a walk for a week.

If it's sunny and/or early-ish and I have no other commitments, then we head to Elsternwick Park. The park itself is an extremely popular and attractive dog off-lead park. There is a fenced-off pond with swans and ducks and other waterbirds, so it's a lovely walk for me as well. Jeddah has a ball -- running around and sniffing and weeing and sniffing other dogs' tails as we do a wide circuit of the entire park. The return trip is about an hour.

If I want to keep the walk to half an hour, then we go to a local park that is closer. It's not an official off-lead park, nor is it as large, but there are not usually too many people around, so Jeddah can get a good run around. He always seems quite happy to go here, and several times some of the local kids have been very excited to see a dog while they're in the playground with their parents.

Sometimes he's lucky and gets another short walk in the afternoon -- usually when I emerge from the study, bleary eyed and brain dead in the late afternoon. I figure a quick walk around the block is a good way of clearing my head, and is nice for Jeddah too, since he's invariably been sleeping all day. There's a cute little park around the corner, really small, where I let him off the lead for about 5 minutes.

So it's definitely been good having Jeddah to make me get outside and go for a walk every day. He's been very good on the lead, not pulling too much, although he does stop/sniff/wee a lot! And off-lead he's been very well behaved as well, with both me and other dogs and their owners. In many ways, I will miss him when he goes home again. (But I don't think Chenna will...)

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  1. Jeddah is missing Ellen. Today we went to the beach (end of South Road) for an early morning walk. I am sure he was looking for you. Thanks so much and I hope you continue to go out and walk without the demanding little pooch.