Saturday, 6 August 2011

C25K - week 2

Another week down in my mission for physical self-improvement. It's been an unseasonably warm week, up to 23 degrees in the middle of a Melbourne winter, but very pleasant for getting out and about. A bit warm for running though, I must say.

The C25K week 2 program is as follows: Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes. This is how it went down . . .

Day 1 (Tuesday): OMG whose idea was this? I CAN'T do it. How could running 90s be so hard? At least it's a lovely sunny day and there aren't as many hills on the other side of the highway in Brighton. Maybe I should go back to the week 1 schedule?

Day 2 (Thursday): Woke up feeling ordinary -- lethargic and headachy, blah. Had I not already a social walk scheduled for Friday, I suspect I would have deferred this ordeal, but instead I rehydrated, ate, imbibed coffee, procrastinated for another hour and then made myself do it. Adjusted my route again for the better -- and I completed the program!

Day 3 (Saturday): No brekky date scheduled so decided to get the ordeal over and done with. Once again took the pleasant route along the canal and through the park. Got through the walk/run, but am now daunted by the thought of the week 3 program. It just keeps getting harder . . .

I have to say I'm not really enjoying this, and not merely because it's hard. I don't like exerting myself in public. I don't want to see people -- or people to see me -- because I am invariably heaving and spluttering and red-faced and dripping with sweat. I also have a dodgy running style and feel quite self-conscious about it. For the moment, I persevere, because I rather like having done it. But I so do not understand people becoming addicted to running.

I used to think it seemed a shame to workout indoors in a gym when you could instead get outside in the fresh air. Now I think the confinement and isolation of a gym (to some extent) has its time and place. You can hide away in there with your sweat and your pain! A friend and I are going to sign up for the Curves 6-week deal on Tuesday, and I will try to juggle the two fitness programs and see how it goes.

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