Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fitness mission - week 5

This is the final post in my "fitness mission/C25K" series. After some deliberation, I abandoned the C25K program last week on the grounds that it was making me grumpy. There were simply too many odds stacked up against me and I faltered. (Turns out that running does not make me feel better.) Having made the decision, which has been coming on for a couple of weeks, I feel as though a weight has lifted.

I am still going to Curves, however, and splurged on some funky new gym gear from lululemon. Gee, they have some lovely stuff. It could be the onset of a new addiction -- and the best thing is that every time you buy yourself a new workout top, the first thing you want to do is go to the gym! Does that make it bribery or a reward?


  1. if you've just discovered lululemon, you're about to become very, very poor.

    since discovering them last winter, i've purchased the groove pants (universally flattering), the define jacket (again, very flattering), two remix hoodies (cropped but warm & still crisp-looking after 30-50 washes), two scuba hoodies (excellent - long & fitted though last year's model is thicker than this year's), and a host of other bits & pieces.
    their running socks are a must for any serious walker (no blisters, at all, ever).

    i know it's not necessarily your thing but their US online store (not canadian) ships internationally for a flat fee.
    if you're buying multiple items, it works out cheaper to buy online.
    also, the online store often has a much larger selection of colours and items than is available here.
    (for example, the audrey jacket, which i am totally in love with, but can't justify buying as i bought a fugly but functional, non-lululemon rain jacket for walking less than a month ago.)

  2. I suspected an addiction was on the cards, as I wandered through the store fingering everything longingly... Didn't realise you were a fan! I think I could easily buy the gear online, now I know my size. (I thought the website said that shipping was free???) But in any case, for now, I must resist.

    (I think I bought cropped groove pants. And my friend bought a define jacket - very smart!)

  3. Positive reinforcement? Resist the website, resist, resist!

  4. resistance is useless - seriously useless.

    you'll look pulled together, without even trying.

    oh, and when you're out walking, you'll notice other women walking, wearing lululemon, and give each other knowing smiles.

    alas, free shipping only in US & canada, $30 flat fee for the rest of us.

  5. pulled together? yes I, er, had noticed that...

    We must go for a walk sometime :-)