Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flourless orange and almond cake

Oranges. Not something I usually eat, let alone buy. But I'm getting three a fortnight with my Aussie Farmers Direct box, and they're starting to accumulate. There are only so many I can slip into a fruit salad. (And I'm not really into orange juice . . .)

And so here's a classic example of how my AFD box is making me try new things. In an attempt to use up some oranges, I seized upon their emailed recipe for a flourless orange cake and decided to make one for the reading group meeting I hosted a few days ago.

I love flourless orange and almond cake and will often order it in a cafe. But the recipes all say you have to boil up oranges in water for two hours before you can do anything, which has always sounded like far too much effort. In hindsight, this is crazy. I've made plenty more complicated cakes and desserts than this. But for some reason it was a stumbling block. Go figure. All you need to be is organised enough to boil up the oranges far enough ahead so they can cool down. I did mine the day before and slapped them in the fridge.

And once your oranges are done, you throw everything else in a bowl (or food processor) and bamix them. Then into the oven and cook. How easy is that? The first one I made for the other night was so successful that I've made another one for my writing group crit meeting today.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can fool yourself into thinking it's healthy -- aside from the sugar. Think eggs, almonds and oranges. No oil of any kind. There is quite a deal of sugar, but for a cake it's positively saintly!

I can't seem to find the recipe on the AFD web site, so I'll reproduce it here.

Flourless Navel Orange Cake (serves 10-12)

2 oranges (medium sized Aussie navels)
6 eggs, beaten
250g sugar
200g almond meal
1 tsp baking powder
Icing sugar (to dust cake)

Boil oranges (skin on) for two hours in a pan with lid on, keeping water topped up.
Remove and allow oranges to cool, cut open and remove any pips, chop roughly.
Preheat oven to 160-180 deg (fan assisted oven) and grease/flour a 20cm cake tin.
Place all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth (or hand blend).
Pour mixture into tin and bake for 50mins - 1 hour.
Cake is cooked when inserted knife comes out clean.
Allow to cool, turn out of tin and dust with icing sugar when cool.
Serve with cream.


  1. But how much water did you use? And you know, oil is never going to be as bad for you as sugar. Still, the once in a while piece of cake isn't going to hurt you any either. Sounds yummy. Well done you!

  2. you inspired me to make this last night for today's morning tea.
    this is a lovely tea cake, very more-ish & insanely simple to make.
    thank you for sharing it.

    however at approx. 25g of sugar & 13g of fat per slice (assuming 10 serves & only counting the sugar, eggs and almond meal, which is 50% fat), you really need 9 of your nearest & dearest to share it with.
    otherwise you are left with half of a very decadent tea cake sitting on your kitchen bench.
    (oops, i think i just had another slice.)
    on the up side, it has so much fat, it will likely stay moist for days.

  3. well, thanks for bursting my bubble by taking the time to look up the fat content of almond meal. But it's 'good oil'... right? RIGHT? Almonds are supposed to be good for you!

    And yes it does stay moist for days... if there's any left.

  4. almonds are good for you - way better than the liquorice i'm currently eating which is 40% sugar.
    and unlike liquorice, almonds don't make your teeth black.