Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nature Direct - here's to healthy housework

Just a short post about Nature Direct (because I like to be thorough). This is a direct-selling organisation specialising in non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

One of the mandates of the company is to educate people about the nasty toxins some people spread around their homes, disguised as air-fresheners, insect spray or bathroom cleaners (to name a few). If you read the fine print or directions on many common products, you start to wonder why on earth you would use them. (I feel this way about bleach -- fume masks and tough gloves are recommended. Why would you put yourself through that?)

So it's not just about the environment -- it's about our health as well.

All Nature Direct products are pH-neutral and made from 100% natural ingredients. They are not expensive. My only complaint is that there are not enough options. At the moment you can get a heavy-duty cleaner (for bathrooms, kitchens etc), spray-and-wipe cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet/upholstery/prewash solution, and the 'EnviroMist' spray, which is a spray disinfectant. There is also the immensely wonderful EnviroAir, which bubbles away in the corner deodorising and cleansing the air circulated around a room. I think they could do with adding some dishwashing detergent as well as laundry detergent to the range.

I am still a pretty big Enjo user, but am now supplementing with some Nature Direct products. I just don't understand how anyone could use bleach et al after they've seen the alternative.


  1. do they have an option for cleaning the toilet? that's probably the only area where I'm a bit suss on Enjo doing the job ...

  2. They recommend using the heavy duty cleaner.

  3. I am an enjo fan and am having my first Nature Direct party this month! I am a bit excited. When I do need to buy cleaners I stick to earths choice but am suss on how "friendly" they actually are!