Friday, 30 September 2011

French toast

I'm a bit of a fan of french toast. I find it very difficult to resist. Inspired by today's meal, I thought I'd reflect on some of my favourite french toast experiences.

Today I sampled a rather decadent brioche french toast at one of my local haunts, Pound. Brioche as french toast? Mmmm, so naughty, but so yummy. It was served with vanilla infused ricotta and fresh banana. Alas, this was a special and not a regular menu item (possibly a good thing or I might never order anything else).

One of my most memorable french toasts was from years ago, served at a modest shopping centre cafe. A couple of slices of egg-soaked fried toast were accompanied by a generous serve of fresh fruit salad and drizzled in maple syrup. I keep wondering why more cafes don't offer this simple and relatively healthy version. I have been known to order a separate serve of fruit salad with my french toast in an attempt to recreate it...

And then there's the cinnamon toast with grilled peaches offered by Goat House. Alas, they've taken this off the menu, but I managed to order it a few times before this happened. Basically it was cinnamon sugar-coated french toast served with grilled peaches and double cream (except I substituted the cream for natural yoghurt). The first time I had it I declared it my favourite french toast ever.

Although I do prefer fresh fruit to accompany, quite a few places offer french toast with a fruit/berry warm stew/compote. Marmalade in East Brighton does a hugely generous serve with berries, and Saloop in Gardenvale does one with caramelised banana and walnuts. Both are delicious, although I find them a little on the sweet side.

There's obviously a trend here. French toast tends to come most often with fruit of some kind -- and I'm not complaining. But here's a diversion. A couple of months ago I sampled a rather elaborate concoction at Della Nonna QV in the city: french toast with bacon and banana and maple syrup... and fried eggs as well. Totally OTT and bad for you, but delicious.

But finally, one of my favourite french toasts of all time -- which is alas no longer available either -- is the challah french toast that used to be on the menu at Hopscotch in Elsternwick. This was totally savoury and awesome: french toast made from challah bread, served with smoked salmon, grilled/roasted cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach. Absolutely divine.


  1. Hey, and where is the french toast you got at the farm?

    However, having read your descriptions of the other french toasts, I think I know just where my french toast needs to be heading.


  2. Oh yes, Pride Ranch french toast was definitely up there! Yum! Problem is, I order french toast A LOT so couldn't fit them all in. Most of the ones I mentioned I've had several times :-)