Friday, 28 October 2011

Midnight in Paris (movie)

I went to see Midnight in Paris as part of the Girls' Night In fundraiser event, hosted by Curves Carnegie. It's the latest Woody Allen movie, and tells the story of successful Hollywood screenwriter Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), holidaying in Paris with his fiance and future in-laws -- but he would rather be working on his Great American Novel and dreams of living in the halcyon Parisian days of the 1920s.

What follows is part-fantasy and part-dream, as Gil encounters some fascinating new friends while strolling the streets of Montmartre (at midnight).

I really enjoyed this movie, perhaps because it was about a writer meeting his idols, and finding new inspiration and self-confidence. The first night of Gil's adventures is particularly marvellous and made me grin broadly. The Paris of dreams depicted in this movie -- a character all of its own, really -- is one every writer could envisage themself living in.

The other message in this movie, though, is to appreciate life as you know it. Many of the characters in this film are yearning for a life they cannot have, and it only makes them dissatisfied... Gil learns to live in the moment and follow his dreams. The style is typical Woody Allen whimsy, and Owen Wilson does it well.

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