Sunday, 13 November 2011

Status update: How my life is like a children's dress-up box

My life is presently like a box into which I am trying to jam an entire lifetime of belongings. Imagine bulging sides, bursting seams, stuff hanging over the edges, other stuff abandoned and strewn haphazardly in a three metre radius.

It looks like a children's dress-up box after the hordes have abandoned it.

While on work-hiatus I fear my life expanded to fill the time available (Parkinson's Law?). Now I seem to have no time to do anything. Right now it's the end of the weekend and my to-do wish list is woefully incomplete.

The list of unread posts in my Google Reader is frightening . . . I haven't looked at (or even thought about) my novel WIP in weeks . . . I still need to research the best superannuation companies. And cars.

On the up side, my house is half clean, the washing is done, and I have enjoyed a final weekend of eating out before I launch into a LitenEasy campaign tomorrow.

Work. I knew I didn't have time for it.

Having said that, the new job is going well so far. The people seem nice and the company culture seems good. After two days of head spinning, I was productive for the final three days of my first week. But the commute on public transport is not good, with two trains and a bus the most reliable route. It's a lot of messing about, which hasn't been fun in the rain. And it's a lot of time that could be far more effectively utilised. I need to figure out how to fit in writing (daily) . . . and exercise. Therefore a car will be required . . . once I get the time to research which one.

Anyway, this is just a short update. At least I now have a smart-phone with which to stay in touch during the working day. (My Internet use at work is both restricted and monitored!) After a year of enjoying perpetual social media, I really don't think I can bear being cut-off from it all day. So a smart-phone was an essential aquisition for this weekend.


  1. Internet use restricetd and monitored? Quit immediately! Oh, wait, you have a smart phone to help you, phew! You can afford liteneasy? I'm jealous! after unfruitful time on W/W I'm quiting. I would really love to do liteneasy! Hope life sorts itself out into something smooth & manageable soon.

  2. Yeah me too. Am giving LitenEasy a go. I figure it will be nice not to have to cook while getting into a new job/routine.