Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two dead birds

I'm down at Phillip Island, sitting in my favourite cafe, empty breakfast plate before me, hugging my wonderful coffee. And I thought I'd try posting from my phone... So far so good.

I've sadly seen two dead birds in strange circumstances. Both remarkably intact, as though freshly deceased. The first was in our fire place! I opened the door, intending to light a fire -- because it was FREEZING -- and there it lay in the old ash. It was so intact I had to stare at it to make sure it was in fact dead. When I poked it with a stick, it wasn't stiff or dried out at all. It could have been there as long as three weeks, but it seems unlikely. And how did it get there??? Could it have fallen down the chimney flue? I thought it was covered...

Anyway, I cursed somewhat because it always seems to be me dealing with dead things, then disposed of it. (It didn't smell either.)

The second dead bird was a little penguin washed up on the beach this morning. Again, it looked intact, with no insects buzzing around, as though it had just been washed up -- although it was high up the beach and the tide was out. Very sad to see :-(

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  1. I too saw two dead birds. Once was when I was walking the dog around the apartment complex yesterday, and today when I was transferring buses. The one at my apartment complex was intact but was covered with bugs that dispersed as I approached and the other was just laying there on in its side.

    wonder if it could mean something