Friday, 5 October 2012

And there went September!


I'm sure I said I was going to blog weekly here. Oops.

September was a very busy but productive and eventful month. There were a four-day writing retreat to Mulwala, a free ticket to a Katie Noonan recital, an international netball game, regular Saturday writing dates in a local cafe, family visiting from Newcastle (which included a sleepover by my 9yo niece), a photo shoot, an MTC play (not to mention a couple of plays in preceding months I've failed to document), two Dungeons and Dragon sessions... not to mention much dayjob work.

I've now reached the end of double workhell month -- yay! -- and have to say that I'm in a good place. My new writing philosophy seems to be helping me stay positive. Basically, I'm focusing on enjoying the process and using this to drive me back to the wip every chance I get. And I'm not beating myself up if I don't get there, or demanding unrealistic achievements of myself.

The writing retreat was of course fabulous (I blogged about it here and here), but it's also been really great to have regular writing sessions with friends in one of my local cafes. This new habit ticks multiple boxes:
1. Carves out a definite writing window, which might otherwise get consumed by housework if I was at home. And with work the way it has been, the cafe session has been my only definite writing time.
2. Provides writing time away from the internet, which is vital
3. Doubles-up as socialising!
4. Makes me feel cool and groovy - I'm such a poser! (hehe)

The Katie Noonan concert was an unexpected pleasure. I scored a free ticket for a Friday night from a colleague, who couldn't use tickets provided by a customer. She sang at the Melbourne Recital Centre, which is a modern, airy auditorium of casual elegance. Katie sang to the beautiful accompaniment of classical guitarist Karin Schaupp. Their focus was songs of Australia and New Zealand, ranging from traditional through to classic pop and modern hits -- their cover of Gotye's Heart's a Mess was the highlight for me. Katie herself was a delightful host, at all times charming, gracious and witty. Really impressed.

It was also fabulous to have my niece come to stay last weekend. I don't think I've announced this yet, but my renegade family are finally coming home to Melbourne for good in time for Christmas. So I suspect last weekend was the first of many sleepovers. For some reason, Miss 9 equates DVDs with staying at Aunty Ellen's, so of course I comply. I had been looking forward to watching the second Harrpy Potter movie with her, but she decided it might be too scary, so instead we watched Tangled (Saturday night) and then Stardust and The Spiderwick Chronicles in the morning. After that we went to the Melbourne Museum, which seemed to go down well. Miss 9 loves the natural world, so dinosaur bones, volcanos, crystals and meteorites were popular.

So despite workhell, September was actually a great month. You can read about my Dungeons and Dragons adventures here -- I'm keeping a chronicle of my novice experience. It's hard to believe it took me until my forties to play for the first time!

October is looking like a much less crazy month -- which is good, because I think I need to recover!

Oh yeah, and I also got some PURPLE put into my hair!

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