Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Weekends are never long enough

And number 3:

There are always so many things to do on the weekend. This weekend I had nothing specific planned - except for a hair appointment - but still I feel as though I've been racing against the clock. It's all because I need to fit so many things in. Over a year ago now I instigated the 'weekend list', which comprises a list of everything I either want or need to do on any given weekend. Such as housework. Such as shopping for various items. Such as writing. Such as visiting family. Such as social engagements. . . Everything gets written down and scheduled - including sleep-ins!

This weekend, I have spent quality time with family. As mentioned, my sister (S) has had baby #3 (Jessica) and my mother is in charge of #1 and #2 (Hannah and Wesley), who are 'having a holiday with Nana'. I love being an aunt, so I spent Saturday afternoon visiting 'the jungle' (on Rippon Lea estate) with Hannah and Wes. We crept through 'the jungle', looking out for monsters and lions (as you do) and then wandered over the many bridges in the garden and climbed the lookout tower and played in all the dead leaves under a massive old oak(?) tree and hid in 'the cave' (a visitors' rotunda).

This afternoon, I visited the other side of this equation - baby Jessica. Not that I actually saw her; she was asleep, much to S's enjoyment. Jessica, it seems, is proving an ideal baby so far. This allowed us to have a lovely lunch, and for me to accompany S on a short stroll - her first since delivery (via C). It also allowed me to bequeath the wares acquired during a frenzy of shopping. Earlier today, I had gone into Target for some slippers, and come out with an armful of garments for newborns. It's fabulous being an aunt! So little Jessica can now look cute in a sheep costume and purple sleeping bag-thing and . . .

I also bought a digital camera today (!) so am planning a pictorial blog in the future. This too was on my list, although it was in other ways rather a spur of the moment purchase. However, there was a sale . . .

In all, I consider this a really 'successful' weekend - lots of things ticked off my list. Importantly, I have managed to write on both days - it's been a push, but I've done it. But, as I contemplate work tomorrow, I realise that still the weekend is not long enough! I'm already counting down to the next one.

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