Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Why start a blog? - part 2

This was my second post:

For ages I've wanted a presence on the web. But always the question of "why?" would arise. After all, I'm not famous, my life isn't momentous - so who would want to read any web site that I might happen to have? (And what is the point of a web site that nobody reads?)
But still I wanted one - just for the fun of it. So I activated my bigpond web site - but I don't have the skills to upload any content! So it sits there, vacant, with a permanent "under construction" notice. Then blogging became the rage and BigBlog was launched. And so I wanted to blog. But, again, the question was "why bother, if nobody was going to read it?". (And, surely, wanting people to read it was egotistical!)
Two things have swayed me. The first was a dinner party conversation recently on this very topic. There, the point was raised that blogging was in fact taking the place of a diary. It's a record of events for oneself to look back on. Who cares if nobody reads it? I thought this a worthwhile point. Sometimes one just has something to say. And photos to post. When it's just a matter of slotting words and images into a template, it's so easy.
The second thing was the e-mail mentioned in my previous post. Keeping a blog could be a really efficient way of keeping in contact with friends that you don't see that often. Then one wouldn't need to announce three (or more) family milestones in the one breath. Assuming one's friends were interested, they could log in every so often and keep abreast of things. I know I would log into friends' blogs for this reason. I don't spend a lot of time reading blogs as a general rule, but somehow it's more tempting when it's someone you know and care about.
So here I am with my very own blog. I don't know who I'm going to reveal the URL to - if anybody - but it will be fun. It will also be another procrastination tool. I ask myself, as someone who already spends almost every waking moment in front of a computer, why on earth I would choose to do this. And I don't really know - except that I want to. And for the moment that's enough.

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