Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Why start a blog?

Today is Tuesday. On Saturday I started a blog somewhere else, but I'm considering transferring to blogger. This was my first entry:

It seems an odd time to start a blog - in more ways than one. Firstly it's almost 1:00am, but I cannot log out without adding the first entry. Secondly, I'm right in the middle of a crazy year, with madness all over the place. I have one sister getting married, another has just had her third baby, plus about two months ago my father had heart surgery. I wrote an e-mail to a friend today, 'updating her on my life' and all these incredibly momentous things poured out in swift succession, each one worthy of an entire e-mail in its own right. For the moment, however, I am going to close here, get some sleep and begin my new life of blogging sometime tomorrow in more detail!

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