Sunday, 6 August 2006

The Hens Event

I haven't said much about this to-date, but yesterday was M's hens event. As one of the bridesmaids, it was my self-appointed task to arrange this, and so I am glad it is now over! We had two events: High Tea at the Windsor Hotel, followed by drinks and tapas/antipasto etc (for those who could still eat) at the Longroom bar in Melbourne.

A picture of a half-eaten High Tea dish is to the right. We had around six of these for a table of 23 people, plus a side table with lemon merangue pie, creme caramel, chocolate mousse pie thing, chocolate cake, cookies . . . The food was fabulous, but TOO MUCH! I now think back to all that we left and feel like weeping, because of course today is another day and I would really enjoy another creme caramel, a piece of the chocolate cake, plus scones with jam and double cream . . .

We had a private room - "The Winston Room" - and were all seated on a single board table. The classic Windsor decor and personal waiter made it a special afternoon spent with special people.

We kicked on at the Longroom for drinks from about 6pm. This bar is a massive room with wrought iron grids separating it into 'rooms' that make it feel private while providing plenty of atmosphere. I am pleased to announce this was my choice of venue (after a bar crawl a few weeks ago) and it seemed to find favour with all. So much so that even the 'oldies' - our mother and two aunts - stayed about three hours longer than we thought they would! The music was not too loud, it wasn't too smoky, and we had a fabulous bay of comfortable couches arranged in a square. A good time was had by all, with the bride and her chief cronies kicking on at the Lounge dancing until 3:30 am. (I bowed out considerably before this!)

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