Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Words for the week - 862

Not very good.

Excuses: overwhelmingly tired just at the moment. I'm finding it so difficult to raise the energy to create. Work is leaving me drained of all but the best intentions. Tonight I want to curl up in front of the TV. Or with a wickedly fast-paced and entertaining book.

This coming weekend is the wedding, so very likely no writing. Perhaps I'll just give in to the inevitable and have a short break.

I've lost my focus. Everything I write seems trite and boring. I think I've written myself into a corner, and all I can think of is accumulating my word tally, when I should probably be assessing where I'm at and where I should go next. But I don't have the head space to find a solution. Perhaps I need someone to read it and offer suggestions. Should I just keep writing for the moment and worry about fixing my problem later? It's not really going to affect the direction of the story, just the element of surprise (or lack thereof) when a certain event takes place.

I'm rambling.

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