Sunday, 3 September 2006

Update: a little bit of everything

I'm very aware that it's been over a week (about 11 days in fact) since I've posted. It was not my intention to start a blog and then ignore it, so thought I'd check in.

The thing is that I've been incredibly tired for the past two weeks. It's almost as though, with the wedding over, I fell into the proverbial heap. (And it wasn't even my wedding!) I've spent the time reading and watching TV predominantly, with some socialising thrown in. But I've been so tired.

I gave myself almost three weeks' break from writing. Until today, the last time I wrote was Monday 14 August. It was probably evident from my previous post on writing that I had struck a snag and was struggling in a variety of areas. So it seemed logical to take short, guilt-free, break. It has been good, but somewhat predictably it's now a struggle to get back into it. However, I have spent a relatively successful (albeit painstakingly slow) day of inserting myself back into the story. It has taken the form of rewriting a particular scene, but that doesn't matter. It's all words and hopefully it will help solve the dilemma confronted a couple of thousand words downstream.

Last weekend I had a "my weekend" where I indulged in some shopping, visited the Home Show, and met a friend for a spontaneous "I need to get out of the house" lunch. I could do with some more of that, but (to risk rehashing an old theme) my weekends are never long enough! This weekend, aside from today's writing effort, I met a writing friend for dinner on Friday night, where I helped her with some suggestions on the first 3 chapters she's hoping to submit to a publisher (good luck, Ligia!).

Saturday was a gorgeous 24 degrees and so I spent the day in the garden - pulled out a few ugly plants, moved and planted others, plus trimmed the carnivors back in preparation for repotting. These are shooting flowers all over the place - always an exciting time of year! I think I should have repotted a few weeks ago. It was so nice to wander about in the garden in short sleeves, make plans and just sit with a coffee on the deck. I love my garden! Having it "renovated" early this year was the best thing I ever did.

Last night, we had our semi-regular Battlestar Gallactica evening. We are currently watching season 2, about 8 episodes in, and now determined to make it to the end before season 3 starts in the USA. This means we have to go weekly for the next couple of weeks, in order to get three more evenings in before the end of September! Poor N&J will be sick of the sight of us soon (if they're not already). For we are now threatening to appear weekly to watch season 3 as they are downloaded from i-tunes! It is certainly a great series.

I think that'll do for an update. This isn't supposed to be a diary as such, although I rather like documenting my life (the more interesting bits). Even if nobody reads it. Hopefully I'll have some more energy soon and will be able to do some more philosophising on various subjects.

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    Thought I would send you a comment to let you know that someone out there is reading your blog! I have even got a link to your blog on my google webpage, so I can see when you post something! Looking forward to future posts!