Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Detox - day 12

Still on the limited diet, but I'm starting to cheat a bit. (I am sooo sick of chicken.) Today I ate: a vanilla custard rice snack for breakfast; half a choc-chip scone for morning tea (naughty); a steak sandwich (with onion, lettuce and mustard mayo) for lunch (the mustard probably not ideal), followed by pears and natural yoghurt; a jam tart for afternoon tea (I tried to resist, I really did. In the end I read the packet and there wasn't really any lemon in it, so I relented); risotto with chicken (tick), leek and peas (tick), roasted pumpkin and sweet potoato (tick), balsamic vinegar (probably not so good). Plus loads of coffee of course.

Skin allergies seem to be going down, but not subsiding completely yet. Getting really sick and tired of these stupid eating restrictions. It makes me depressed and cranky. Especially NO WINE! AAAGH!

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