Tuesday, 17 October 2006

detox - day 5

The thing to note is that it's not really a detox program. It's more me trying to rid my system of chemicals (amines and sylicates and MSG) that have built up to overflowing point . . . or so I hope. (I'd hate to think this was all for nothing.)

So after hell-Saturday I relaxed the rules to include cooked chicken (no skin) and pancakes with maple syrup. I've also had a little mashed potato with parsley (not thrilling).

I am getting a little sick and tired of chicken now, so plan to progress to rice and steak tomorrow. Perhaps also some green beans and/or peas. (I refuse cabbage, choko and brussel sprouts.) The pancakes are still good (and the life-saver at the moment). Still also progressing with pears and natural yoghurt. In theory I should be able to eat pasta/gnocchi, but I'm not sure what to put with it?

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