Thursday, 12 October 2006

Detox program

For the past month or so, I have been suffering severe skin allergies, mainly on my arms. It started with a rash on my arms; it looked as though I'd touched something that had caused quite a severe reaction.

After a few days I went to the chemist and got some non-drousy antihystamine, plus some mild lotion. A few days after that, I switched to a cortisone cream that I had in the cupboard. (At this stage, the skin was quite inflamed, hot to touch and very itchy.)

A week after it first appeared, I went to the doctor, who prescribed a cream that's 10X stronger than the first one, plus suggested I take a stronger antihystamine (the kind that makes you drowsy) overnight.

The doctor explained that such a rash is actually caused by your immune system attacking whatever it perceived to be as foreign. Your immune system goes mad, producing hystamines (hence the antihystamine) and the various creams counteract them as well by lowering the immune system.

I should add at this point that I was against putting on these particular creams, simply because they do act to lower your immune system and in the past, this has resulted in skin infections.

Anyway, after at least another week of this treatment (two different antihystamine tablets a day, plus the cream), the rash cleared up but . . . you guessed it, skin infections on my arm.

So for another week I treated these with bathing, betadine and bandaids. (The rash fading away all the time.)

These infections are mostly cleared up now, but I now seem to be allergic to bandaids, and my skin has become inflamed where the adhesive was.

And to CAP IT ALL OFF, I have now eaten something that has caused more rashes to appear on my legs, arms, belly, face and neck (and ear). ENOUGH ALREADY!

As a result of all this, I am about to embark on a detox program. My mother has given me a copy of a little booklet that explains what food elements tend to cause allergies, and which foods have them in low, medium, high and very high doses. The theory is that the dam is overflowing and my system is filled withthings it simply can't cope with in its current state.

For the next month or so, I am going to try to avoid just about everything. Apprently I am supposed to live on a diet of rice cakes and golden syrup for a week or two. No more tomatos or avocados or chocolate . . . it's a very long list . . . It's going to kill me.

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