Sunday, 10 December 2006

2 weeks to Christmas!

. . . more or less.

Just wanted to check in and say hi, because the past couple of weeks have seen me in a form slump: no writing, no blogging, but a fair amount of going out to dinner and socialising.

Words: still zero.

Today is excrutiatingly hot (40 deg C at least), so all my grand plans for the weekend (finishing off Chistmas shopping, cleaning, writing etc) have been booted out the window. Energy is minimal. Hence this rambling post!

I perused a book about blogging while I was away, and it had all sorts of things to say about posting: keep the entries regular, interesting, funny, and make sure your subject heads are catchy. It was all about hooking your reader, and keep them coming back to your blog. I will attempt to put some of these things into practice in the coming weeks . . .

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