Monday, 3 December 2007

At goal - woohoo!

Well, finally, after 11 months, I have hit my goal weight. That's a total of 27kg gone, kaput, disappeared. Progress has been slow the past couple of months, mostly due to decreasing incentive (I mean, when you've reached size 10, where else is there to go?). So there you are. Yay me. I am now a 'healthy weight' for the first time I can remember.

In the past year I have completely replaced my wardrobe - and I mean completely. Every single item. Well, maybe I've still got some socks. It's cost me a fortune! But I'm rather enjoying buying clothes just now. I think it's time for me to venture into shops I previously breezed past, not even looking in the window. (Or, gazing in enviously.) The time has also come for me to buy a suit or two. May as well be optimistic and assume I'll keep it all off!


  1. Woohoo. You did it. You're a trailblazer for the rest of us. And you do look pretty fantastic. All those of you who are worried she's getting sick -- no way! She is brimming with health and just glowing. Good for you!

  2. Still yet to see a picture of the shiny new Ellen! I really think I wont recognise you when I see you in a few weeks!

  3. that's wonderful!
    i always thought you looked great but i have to admit, it is nice to see you with a spring in your step.
    amazing the positive changes one can make in less than a year when one puts one's mind to it - you really have had a stellar year on multiple fronts.

  4. Thanks, guys. Yep, it certainly has been a BIG year!

  5. Congratulations, Ellen. That is really fantastic!!!

  6. Yeah, ditto for me. Sorry it's taken me so long to see this post, but it's such a fantastic achievement that I thought I'd comment even if I'm way behind everyone else's congratulations. You do look fabulous, and isn't it great that your health benefits too?