Monday, 10 December 2007

Cruisin' in Port Fairy

Ah, Port Fairy! Is there a more cultured teeny weeny town anywhere on this earth? Surely it has more wine bars, day spas, gourmet food outlets and coffee shops per capita than anywhere.

As a result, more wining and dining. Brunch at Rebecca's -- a cafe replete with 'big breakfasts' to rival many a Melbourne cafe (with prices to match!), not to mention an array of take-home gourmet goodies one is hard-pressed to resist. Then there's Time and Tide, a beachfront home transformed into a cafe with breathtaking views and cuisine that makes your mouth water. We went there twice in a single day -- once for coffee and a delicious cinnamon-pecan scroll, then back an hour later for a decadent lunch of turkey, wine and orange/poppyseed cake.

Throw in some turkish delight, chocolate-coated cofee beans, and salmon fillets, and surely Port Fairy is the gourmet capital! It certainly was where I stayed at Chez Cook, where skim lattes might as well have been on tap . . .

Lovely weekend!

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