Saturday, 1 December 2007

Death of a huntsman

This is the end of the huntsman saga. The huntsman is now dead -- at least, I assume it's the same one. How long do huntsman spiders live, anyway?

This one spent its final days clinging to my waste paper basket, barely moving, scrunched up in what looked like an agonised ball. I thought it was dead a few times, but it would move just enough to convince me it still lived. Not anymore. Now it is upturned on the floor in the corner of the room (behind the waste paper basket). Its final resting place will either be my vacuum cleaner or the rubbish bin.

I can hold my head high because I was not responsible for its death. It lived a 'long' (in spider terms - at least 6 weeks) and what I hope was a happy life. It explored the house from end to end and escaped the cat more than once. A truly heroic spider.

May it rest in peace.

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