Wednesday, 27 August 2008


This ad keeps coming up beside my Facebook profile, saying: "NewNovelist: Amazing creative writing software. Plans and structures your novel fully!"

I can't help but wonder who uses such software. How does it work? It is merely a tool to help you arrange your own thoughts and ideas -- an interface for presenting them, say? Or does it really take a whole heap of ideas and churn out a plot?

Is that possible? Don't you wonder what a novel written in this manner would be like? I am so intrigued.

I'm also wondering whether this is an example of targeted advertising, although I'm not sure how Facebook knows that I'm trying to write a novel. I do know that I also get repeated ads offering to find me a date, right age and all . . . spooky. It's also annoying and rather offensive.

Does anyone know how to switch the Facebook ads off? (Ha Ha)

1 comment:

  1. I think it must be connected to information in my Facebook profile because I too get age targetted ads, plus heaps of ads for sailing type stuff - and of course, in my interests, I list sailing.