Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Finding rhythm

Despite all the blog workshops I have continued to make good progress. It turns out that I needed to rewrite a complete chapter (chapter 8) but this is coming on well. I have certainly written a few thousand words over the past week and a half, and I can feel myself getting back into the rhythm of cranking out words on a daily basis. The next step will be the 6am starts. Not this week though. Probably not next week either. Let's get past the retreat first!

At this stage I am planning not to let the Olympics distract me. Hopefully I can stay away from the TV during the Games. The trick will be not turning it on at all, not even for half an hour over dinner. That would spell disaster. Instead, I will try to stay focused and write write write. I still have the scene where my two main characters meet to look forward to. If that can't keep me focused, nothing will! I am really enjoying myself at the moment. Can't wait for the retreat!

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