Tuesday, 9 September 2008

An aunt's progress

This past weekend I once again enjoyed the company of my 5-yr old niece. Much easier this time round, a whole year later. Maybe because I had more of an idea of what to expect. Maybe because she is more grown up. Maybe because I was less fixated on planning everything out.

We went to the Collingwood Children's Farm again -- a disaster last time, but this time requested. Naturally, I was dubious about the wisdom of repeating what I felt had been a traumatic experience, but this time was different. A gorgeous day (instead of howling winds that sandblasted eyeballs), and a little girl that actually wanted to be there (instead of wishing she was still curled up on my sofa watching DVDs). A transformation! We petted goats, ogled at cows and horses, witnessed a very pregnant sheep and many little lambs, chased chickens, collected feathers, greeted geese, ate sausage rolls . . . in short, we stayed three hours!

The other major activity for the first day was creating creatures out of modelling clay and then baking them. At least, they were supposed to be baked, but alas I burned them instead. That stuff is not easy to handle! But much fun was had by us both in making little aliens and a dragon and some dragonflies . . . it doesn't seem to matter that some of them are black! (They were supposed to glow int the dark until I incinerated them!)

I was also quite pleased to take us both out to breakfast -- this being one of my weekend habits. We didn't go anywhere flash, but instead went somewhere close so we could walk/scooter together. An omelet was specially requested and consumed, at least in part. But then the complimentary cupcake ruined all the best intentions. Oh well. At least I ate all my breakfast!

And sleeping? Well, that went fine until 5am when a little voice in the bed beside me inquired every 5 mins henceforth how soon it would be 6 o'clock (evidently the ideal time for getting up). Hmmm. At least we didn't have the middle-of-the night 1-hr-long conversation as we did last time!

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