Monday, 29 September 2008

Wine tip

I came across an interesting article just now. It's about how to choose which wine to drink if you're watching calories.

One fact in particular I found very interesting:

If you like red wine
Think geographically. As grapes ripen, sugar is created and either turns into alcohol or remains in the wine. So, choose cooler countries of origin, where the grapes contain less sugar and the wine less alcohol.

Avoid wine varieties grown in warmer climates as they have higher concentrations of natural sugars, so opt for colder climate reds like South Australian shiraz or Tasmanian pinot noir. As a general rule, a shiraz grown in South Australia will have a slightly lower sugar content than a shiraz grown in the Hunter Valley.

Don't you think that's interesting?


  1. Although this is interesting, I have heard very mixed things about wine and calorie counting. I read the rest of the article, which goes on to say that wine is an appetite enhancer, and that one should make sure that there are healthy snacks on hand to accompany the wine. However, I have also read that drinking wine can actually suppress ones appetite, and is often promoted in low gi diets. It also seems that it is the alcohol content and not the sugar level that is the caloric component. So seems that the jury is still out over this one.

  2. And if you just continue to drink you'll get sick and throw everything up again so it won't matter! :-)

    (OK... bad joke, I know.)

  3. Intersting article, Hayley. I admit that I have always assumed it was the alcohol adding calories, and hadn't even considered the sugar. Also, I find red wine is typically an appetite suppressant for me. But now I'm wondering whether it's only the low tannin wines. AAAGH - who knows?
    Anyway, I thought the regional approach to wine selection was interesting -- I seem to think the amount of sugar impacts the level of alcohol, so maybe it holds true anyway!