Sunday, 28 December 2008

Reading goals for 2009

It seems to be an annual undertaking lately that I go through my bookshelf at this time of year. Here's what happened last year, and I repeated the experience today (albeit without any purging).

The thing that has struck me today is how few books I have read this year. I managed to read most of the Page Turners books for 2008, but, aside from those, the only book I have read in entirety is Bright Air by Barry Maitland, who I saw at the Melbourne Writers' Festival in August.

Of the pile beside my bed back in August 2007, I finished The Golden Fool by Robin Hobb this year (in addition to Freakonomics the Page Turners book), but aside from that made no dent whatsoever. The other book I have been reading for months now is Kushiel's Scion, by Jacqeline Carey. I just can't seem to finish it.

This seems to me a tragedy, particularly when you take into the account the thousands of books in the world waiting to be read. I have about a shelf's worth in my living room. Some of them I came across again today and I wonder what happened to the person who could churn through a book a week. And then there are all the books recommended by others. These days I get alternately excited and daunted when someone describes a book that I want to read. (Or, worse, wants to lend me a book.)

So here are the books (in excess of any Page Turners books) I want to read in 2009. I'll keep the list short to give me the greatest chance of success. Let's consider it a goal/new years resolution:
> The Shadow of the Wind
> Possession
> Atonement

In addition to these, I would like to ideally finish the books in the pile beside my bed!

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