Sunday, 7 December 2008

Some more light entertainment

After a break of more than a week and half, it's hard to know where to start with blogging! I feel that anyone who bothers to read this blog deserves something interesting, rather than another moan about how exhausted and busy I've been. Consequently, while I get my act together, I've decided to post another brain teaser (or two)!

It takes Quasimodo, the bell-ringer of Paris's Notre Dame cathedral, 3 seconds to ring 4 o'clock. How long will it take him to ring midday?

Water in the wine
You have two completely identical tankards; one contains 150ml wine, the other 150ml water. You take a spoonful of liquid from the tankard of water, empty it into the tankard of wine and mix it in well. The, using the same spoon, you take a spoonful of this mixture and empty it back into the first tankard of water. Thus each tankard once again contains 150ml of liquid. Is there more water int eh wine, or more wine in the water?

They're not too difficult really. Answers tomorrow (I hope).


  1. water in wine = wine in water

    re: quasimodo, is this some sort of trick question??
    if you're being tricky, the answer is 11 seconds.
    (however there are many ways to be tricky.)

  2. Right on both counts! I'll have to find something harder . . .

  3. no one else is playing :-(