Thursday, 1 January 2009

Big plans for 2009

Unlike the first day of 2008, which was balmy and warm (in short, a typical Melbourne summer’s day), today, the first day of 2009, has been overcast, cool to mild, with occasional showers.

I find myself hoping that this contrast bodes well for a contrasting year — that is, a year that will be full of achievement and resolve and wonderful episodes, as 2008 was not.

I am not going to dwell here on 2008. That year is now over, gone, done with. Instead, I am going to explore the possibilities of 2009, which is already shaping up to be a fabulous year, filled with amazing new opportunities.

I am particularly excited about the prospect of a new movie group, a spin-off from Page Turners that will see me getting out to see a movie at least once a month with various friends. This is a brilliant idea on the part of one of my friends, because it will fulfil two of my resolutions --— to see more of my friends, as well as to see more movies. Yet I do find myself wondering why it is that we need to regiment social occasions. Have we really become so busy that we need to schedule in other people? It would seem so.

The other firm resolve I have this year is to recover my writing discipline. Somehow I allowed myself to be distracted for most of 2008, and I feel hollow at the thought of all that time wasted. This year I am going to reinstate my writing goals of at least 1500 words per week. In fact, I would dearly love to finish my rewrite this year, which realistically means a total of around 80,000 words, or 7000 words per month (~1800 words per week). Sounds achievable, right? It’s not so many more than my initial goal. I’m going to give it a go. So the goal is to finish the current draft by next Christmas. It gives me shivers just to think of it.

To be truthful, if I can achieve this writing goal, I will consider the year amazingly well spent. But for the sake of completeness, I will add that I intend to read more books (as per my post of a few days ago), stay in better and more regular touch with my friends, and keep a more realistic work-life balance.

On the holiday front, there’s already a trip to Germany being planned, so that I can visit my sister and her family in Bonn, plus I’m eying off a week in February to spend down at the island. In fact, monthly weekend trips to Phillip Island will be integral to my success in meeting many of my 2009 goals. I’m down here right now, and must say that chilling out down at the beach is a fabulous way to kick off a new year.

In an ideal world I would also add the renovation of my bathroom and certain garden improvements as goals, but am realistic enough to know that these will happen when they happen! For the moment I will be satisfied if I can get my writing groove back again.


  1. I was wondering if you had thought about working only 4 days a week so you would have one full day to work on your novel? Not sure how easy that would be, from a financial and social perspective. But do you see a transition to full-time writer in the future?

  2. Alas, of course I've thought about it, but it's just not an option. I'm running the place at present! And we just lost someone at least partly because we couldn't accommodate his wish to go to 4 days. I admit when I first took this job years ago, I thought it sounded like something that could be done part time, but I was wrong. Maybe in the distant future, when there are others capable it might be an option, but for the present it's impossible.

  3. Pity you are not living in the Netherlands - it is very common to work only 4 days a week here. In fact, it sometimes feels that it is social unacceptable to work 5 days a week...