Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Introduction to Skype

It's just so easy to find things to distract me at the moment. The past couple of days it has been Skype.

The idea is to be able to make video calls to my sister's family, recently moved to Bonn in Germany. It will be lovely to be able to have brief chats with my nieces and nephew and actually see their smiling faces -- once they get online themselves! So I bought a web cam on the weekend and spent yesterday evening setting it up (pretty easy, but I started fairly late in the evening).

So tonight, just as I sat down intending to, you know, WRITE, it struck me that I hadn't tested Skype out yet. I had added a few contacts, but had no idea how this manifested as a video call.

A quick text to my parents fixed this, and we tested it out. It's remarkably easy, and you have the option of using video or not, which saves on bandwidth once the novelty of a video call wears off.

I have posted a pic of Chenna, sleeping peacefully, taken with the web cam!


  1. I've been using video Skype to chat with my family for a year or so now, and like it much better than speaking on the phone. I like that I can see them, and that they can see me. So now they know if I have a new haircut, or I can see if it is a hot evening in Melbourne. Unfortunately, my nephew is still a bit too young to know about Skype - and he tends to be in bed whenever I am online, given the time difference. But I hope that when he is a bit older - and more communicative - that we will be able to Skype one another :)

  2. that's not Chenna. that cat's all calm and snuggly...as if.