Friday, 16 January 2009

New writing space

Time for a writing update, but the news is . . . well . . . disappointing. I've done a little bit, a couple of stints, but neither have yielded much volume. Nevertheless, it's better than nothing.

One thing I am enjoying is my living room-as-study. Since my trip down to Phillip Island at new year, I've installed my computer on the coffee table. And I'm finding it rather cosy to recline on the sofa with a nice view out the window and compose. It feels very Carrie Bradshaw -- or at least as close as I can get, short of sprawling out on the bed.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my writing group for brunch, so will hopefully gain some inspiration -- and discipline -- from that.


  1. Have a great meeting -- and take plenty of notes! Hope you get those words going soon, or perhaps I'll have to get out that big stick!

  2. writing in a different place makes an enormous difference.
    i can thoroughly recommend the pancake parlour on a winter's day, midweek when no-one is around (beside the fireplace, sipping on a hot chocolate as you write).
    the odd cafe around town is also very good, but you kinda have to do it mid-week, after the lunch rush.
    maybe it's time to have long lunches during work?
    twice a week would make a difference.
    (i know i'm being cheeky, encouraging you to be bad, but i thought i'd put it out there.)

  3. Inspiration and discipline. It's an interesting dillema. I must admit that I lack both at times (many times). The meditations I have learnt over the past 9 months are a great help in getting me going again. Sometimes, my horse is ready to ride, and I'll just leave them at the hitching rail, go and grab a cup of tea, sit on the edge of the float in the shed, and meditate with my cup for 2 minutes, or 5 minutes (never more than 5, 5 is PLENTY). The things that I think about are "somewhere out there, there is a person who is right now training harder than I am", or, "somewhere out there, there is a person just dying to have the opportunity I have been given", or, "somewhere out there, there is a person who had more opportunities than me, but they threw them away or wasted them". In 2 (or 5) minutes, cup of tea NOT finished, I am out there on that horse, rain, hail, gale (plenty of them where we are), sleet or shine, training harder, smarter and challenging myself all the time.
    Some of the meditations are pretty whacky. But, you know how "practice makes perfect". Well, not true. Bad (poor) practice does not make perfect. A fool is someone who tries the same thing twice and expects a different result. When your normal approach doesn't work any more, you have to change something. Try something different. Using the living room-as-study sounds like a great step. But your approach is still the same. Maybe you need to change your approach. Something about what you do once you're sitting and trying to write/re-write.
    I really like Elmo's Mum's suggestion. :)
    All the best!

  4. I love all your suggestions.

    But well yeah, the cafe-during-the-day idea is not quite practical.

    The meditations sound good though. I like it!

    And you're right - I need to change my approach. The one that has me turn on the computer and check 1)e-mail, 2)facebook, 3) scrabble games on facebook, 4)blogs. Once that's complete I've lost almost 2 hours! Definitely need to write for an hour before any of that. Problem is, I need some unwind time from work as well.