Monday, 12 January 2009

Praying mantis and the fly

Yesterday while I was in the garden, I heard a buzzing sound coming from the hydrangea. Normally I associate this sound with a fly caught in one of my carnivorous pitcher plants, but this was coming from a flower.
And then with a shock I saw a praying mantis crouched atop the floral rosette, a poor desperate buzzing fly in its grip.
What unfolded was fascinating and I raced inside to grab my camera. I am not a budding photographer and I have only just discovered the 'macro' setting for photographing small things close up, and so I was mightily chuffed with the three images above.
Essentially the praying mantis nibbled on the poor fly for a few minutes (perhaps it was numbing it or something?) and then slowly hauled it from behind the petals and carried it away!
As I said, fascinating.


  1. Wow! Really cool photos. And great story.

  2. Hmm, maybe you mean you weren't a budding photographer. I feel as though I'm witnessing the birth... Great photos!

  3. who'd have thought something so gruesome could be so pretty - such vibrant colours.