Sunday, 4 January 2009

Resting not writing

I confess I squandered an opportunity today. I had a whole day of leisure, absolute freedom, and I rather suspected I should be writing. But I didn't write. Instead I lounged on the sofa and watched the cricket, dabbled around on my computer, and sauntered to the supermarket.

But strangely enough I don't feel too bad about this. It was my last opportunity to sit watching test cricket for the summer -- how quickly that's come around! -- and with work resuming tomorrow it seemed prudent to have a restful day.

I did get back into the rewrite a little over the past few days, however. I spent time reading over the past few chapters and editing around the edges. So I'll aim to do some more of this over the next few days, leading up to a productive weekend. I really am determined to improve upon my output this year. 2008 was really almost a waste of time.


  1. Having spent almost the entire 5 days of the Melbourne test match on the couch myself, I applaud your efforts!

  2. You know sometimes sanity demands we have these days, and if we don't listen we sit at a computer trying to pull words out of the wood that our brains have become. I'm glad you're not feeling too guilty. You deserve some R&R time to relax.

    2008 may not have been a great year for you (though I do recall you've done some fabulous reworking with your novel!), but you've had a stressful year at work. The important thing, though, in 2009 is that you try to find more space for those things that do nourish you. I'm not lecturing you here, but speaking from exactly the same place you're in. It's the challenge both of us have to run with!

  3. Thanks - yes I know you're not lecturing. I think I need to get through January and then hopefully work will ease.