Friday, 9 January 2009

What must Christie think now?

Back in high school, I was a big Billy Joel fan. My first ever record purchase was a box set of his first 10 albums, and these I taped onto cassettes and played endlessly.

It's been many years since I've listened to Billy regularly, although I do haul out his first two greatest hits albums on occasion when I feel like a singalong. However, tonight I have dug out a DVD containing a selection of Billy's music videos and taped live performances. The songs are still great -- but how funny are the videos?

One would expect the style of music videos to change over the decades (yikes) but it still hits you. I confess the one that had me utterly agog was Uptown Girl. I don't know how a self-confessed Billy Joel fan makes it through life without having seen such a spectacle, but such is the case.

And now I have seen it. OMG.

I can't imagine what Christie Brinkley thinks when/if she sees it these days. She must squirm with mortification.

It's not the only music video, however, in which Billy and his gang of musicians do this weird singing and dancing routine. They do steps! and sing! What can they have been thinking?


  1. I'll tell you what they were thinking. They HATED it. Billy Joel has said many times that he always hated making videos and that he thought they ruined the songs for many people. But at the time, MTV was a powerful marketing medium and videos were part and parcel of record promotion in the music business. Bob Dylan , Bruce Springsteen, and plenty of other artists made them too - and hated doing it as well.

  2. Hi, who's this? Thanks for your comment. I agree that Billy Joel songs are much better without the videos.

  3. It's funny, isn't it? We were all watching 80s hits yesterday on TV, and my kids were agog at some of the clips. They couldn't believe how daggy everyone looked, how bizarre many of the clips were. I had to keep pointing out that music and video clips have changed less since then than from what they were for my parents' generation.

  4. Oh, I love Billy Joel too! Mind you, haven't seen the video clips you're talking about. But, we did recently watch some of Maddona's video clips. Yes. OMG on some of them!