Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Chapter one revisited

In the end I abandoned WriMoFoFo in favour of working on my synopsis. This I have rewritten and I hope it is better. It is now with the group for review, so will be interesting to see what people think.

Now I am taking another look at my first chapter, also in preparation for submission to the Hachette Australia manuscript development workshop. I received feedback on this last year from the group, with pretty much everybody agreeing that I needed to revise the opening to ensure I begin with ACTION. It's amazing how one can be so blind to obvious flaws. Reading my opening now, I can see that of course it is dull and slow. I begin with description and backstory. How utterly stupid is that?!

So this week I am rewriting the opening few pages at least. The plan is to keep events the same, but start in a different place. I may end up revising the entire chapter, so long as it ends in the same place, because I really do NOT want to rewrite the follow-on chapter! I need to submit approximately five chapters (50 pages) and don't have time or inclination to revise them all. Hopefully a big effort on chapter one will be sufficient.

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