Saturday, 11 July 2009


Technology is amazing. This evening I have spoken via Skype to my niece in Bonn, Germany, and my parents in Katherine, NT. At the same time I have been watching Ashes cricket in Cardiff, and monitoring the antics of various friends in all different parts of the world via facebook.

This allowed me to tell my father the cricket score (to his frustration his TV wasn't working and he hadn't figured out online radio streaming yet), and fill him in when North got his century and Haddin his 50. I also found myself holding my web cam up to the TV so my brother in law in Bonn could see the cricket. OK, so it was only for 10 seconds, but . . .

It's incredible that I can sit physically alone in my living room, yet be surrounded by so much company!

As I said, Technology is amazing.

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