Sunday, 18 October 2009

Immersion (part 2)

I'm back from my immersion weekend and so far so good. I admit there was a fair degree of procrastination on Saturday in the form of a walk into town to get coffee and groceries, then I spent 3.5 hours reading the previous 13 chapters (37,000 words) aloud to myself -- just to get in the mood and remember what I was on about, you understand! (Ended up hoarse . . . )

So at about 6:30pm on Saturday evening I was finally ready to actually start writing something. Which I did. And then again this morning. All I need to do now is keep plugging away, a little a day. The key is maintaining momentum.

The good news: I actually enjoyed reading though chapters 15 to 27. Maybe there's hope for the story yet.
The bad news: I am stupidly behind the self-imposed schedule I concocted in around May. According to that I should be writing chapter 43 this week, rather than chapter 28. Hmmm.

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