Thursday, 1 October 2009

Introducing Footsloggers

Registrations for Trailwalker opened today and I stayed up past midnight last night to ensure we were registered first thing. So now I can reveal our team name: Footsloggers.

Our Trailwalker team space, where we will be blogging as a team about our experiences, can be found here. Online donations to Oxfam at this site will be gratefully accepted.

We have pledged to raise $5000 for Oxfam, owing to the crafty Oxfam people setting this as the minimum for the first round of registrations. We have been far too excited and keyed up to wait until the end of the month (when those pledging $1000 can register), so there will be a massive fundraising effort in the months to come . . .

We have also set ourselves an ambitious target time of 30 hours to complete the event. Not sure about that one yet!

First team training is next weekend (11 Oct), when we will attempt a ~14km walk along the beach from Elwood to Beaumaris, with the reward being lunch at Ricketts Point. I am really looking forward to that, because then it will really feel as though we're on our way!

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