Sunday, 8 November 2009

Phillip Island Footsloggers

Our trailwalker team -- both walkers and support crew -- enjoyed a rather warm sojourn down at Philip Island this weekend. We congregated at my parents' beach house on Friday night/Saturday morning, before being dropped off at Rhyll, which marked the start of our walk. This is one of the benefits of having our support crew in attendance -- no car shuffling!

We walked along the beautiful Rhyll estuary, then down through Koala woodland, after which we traipsed along various roads on the island. One of the problems with Phillip Island as a trailwalker training destination is that all the pretty walks are short and disconnected. So although the first part of the walk was extremely picturesque, most of it was fairly dusty and dull. We joked that these long dusty roads were good practice for the notorious Warburton trail . . . In total, we walked around 17km, our longest walk to-date, and by the end felt we had well and truly earned the G&Ts (or chilled white wine) we were hankering for.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a far more leisurely fashion. We indulged in said G&Ts over lunch, then spent some time discussing our training schedule leading up to the event. We marked off dates and determined which sections of the trail we intend to tackle when, and discussed some of our training strategies. Importantly, we also planned the next phase of our fundraising schedule, identifying several events both before and after Christmas. Certainly there was also much eating and drinking too.

Today we had a relaxed day, walking in along the beach to Cowes for breakie -- my latest favourite is Cafe Laguna, where the coffee is marvellous. We sat out on the pavement, mostly in the shade, and secretly laughed at the poor suckers in the flashy-but-awful cafe across the road.

Then we cleaned up the house and dispersed early to mid afternoon. But not before mixing up our 12 boxes of fundraising chocolates: giant freddos & caramelo koalas, strawberry freddos and boost bars.

In all, it was a lovely weekend, and great that our two support crew team members could come along as well. We are all getting along really well, and now that we have our fundraising and training planned, it's just a matter of forging ahead and making it all happen.

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  1. Wow, sounds fantastic. Makes me regret that I have family and horses to keep me so occupied. :)

    Also, love the little tick boxes at the bottom of every entry. Great stuff. Kind of like saying "I've read", but much faster than leaving a comment.